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compounding-bristol-home-infusion Bristol Home Infusion specializes in the art of pharmacy compounding, the traditional method of preparing customized medications to meet unique physician and patient needs. Our compounded medications often meet needs traditional medications cannot.

We have an extensive inventory of bulk chemicals, formulas and equipment and only use ingredients that are quality assured through analysis and certification for identification, purity and potency by a graduate chemist at our chemical supplier. All sterile medications, i.e. injectables and eye drops, are prepared using strict aseptic techniques in a Class-1000 Clean Room, using a state-of-the-art Laminar Flow Hood.

A formulation’s procedures and ingredients are determined by the pharmacist working with the physician. The ingredients are specified by the physician. The procedures are determined by the pharmacist’s expertise and the physician’s imput.

We can service:

Alternate Dosage Forms

Aseptic Compounding

Cost Effective Formulating

Creams, Ointments, & Lotions

Dental Preparations

Dermatological Specialties

Discontinued Combinations

Enteric Coating

Flavor Specialization

Gels Topical, Oral

Geriatric Formulation

Homeopathic Formulations

Hospice Consultation
-- Pain Formulations
-- Nausea Formulations

Inhalation Therapy


Lip Balms

Medicated Lollipops

Medicated Lozenges

Medicated Popsicles

Nasal Sprays & Solutions

Ophthalmic Specialties

Oral Suspensions

Otic Insufflations

Otic Solutions & Suspensions

Pediatric Formulations

Rectal Enemas or Suppositories

Sublingual Troches

Sugar-Free Formulations


Throat Sprays

Topical Powders

Topical Sprays

Transdermal Paste

Vaginal Creams and suppositories

Veterinary Formulas


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